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What can I do as a volunteer at 4 Paws Farm?


Volunteer opportunities are constantly changing as we grow and develop new programs.  We have twelve invitations per week to set up adoption events .  We need people who live near one of our PetSmart© locations to help us and we need people to work in Hempstead.


For people who live near Hempstead, we need folks to transport dogs to our adoption venues.  Meet at the shelter at 8:45 each Saturday morning. Take the dogs for walks and then load them into our vans. Then transport them to the venues.  You can either stay and work the adoption site till 4 or pick up the crates of dogs at 4 and transport them back to Hempstead.  We call this group Drivers. 


If you live near the PetsMart© in Tomball, you can be a Meeter.  At 10:30, each Saturday, you will meet the transporters, unload the dogs, set up the event, work with potential adopters, walk the dogs, load them up and break down the event at 4.  



Animal Marketing

Help get pets adopted by marketing them! This team photographs the animals for the website, gathers information about the dogs and cats, writes bios, and posts ads to websites like Petfinder.


Fund Raising

Our organization is completely dependent on donations. This committee assists in finding individual and business sponsors. They are always on the lookout for donation box and poster locations.



Provide temporary care for cats or dogs in your home until they can be adopted. You must be the owner/renter of home and complete a Volunteer Application. See the complete information at our Foster Page.



Transport dogs from to and from 4 Paws Farm facilities via your own vehicle. This includes trips to Animal Friends in Brenham, and to our vets in Bellville, Cypress and Houston.

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