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4 Paws Farm Fund Raising

All charities have to raise funds to exist.  Below we have added companies with products that will give 4 Paws Farm a portion of the sale. It's a way to benefit everyone.

ONEHOPE is a Napa Valley winery built on hope and rooted in purpose

From humble beginnings and a lofty vision, our founders started selling wine on a mission to change the world. Since then, they have helped thousands to do the same by creating a career opportunity that provides a sense of purpose through sharing wine and raising money for causes closest to them.

Use this link or click on the image above and browse the ONEHOPE store for 4 Paws Farm

Grounds & Hounds has great coffee, hot cocoa, apparel, mugs and gear. If you purchase by clicking on the image above or this link Grounds & Hounds will make a donation to 4 Paws Farm.

Queensboro is 4 Paws Farm go to for embroidered apparel.  They have created a store just for 4 Paws Farm and will give you great discounts send a portion to 4 Paws Farm.  Please go to to see the current discounts and offers.

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