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About Us

Usually you ask "what" is an organization like 4 Paws Farm. But, we are different.  We are not an organization, we are people helping dogs and cats find their forever homes. Or, we place them either in foster homes or our sanctuary.  


Many of our residents are medical or behavioral pets that would have been killed.  Some  will never leave the farm.  All receive high quality care from our veterinarians and the veterinarian school at Texas A & M University.  We always do what's right for the pet. Money is never a consideration.


Delaney's Deli is our pet food pantry feeding thousands of pets in other shelters, rescue groups and folks in financial need.  Over 300,000 pounds of high quality pet food and treats have been given away.


Legally, we are a Texas not-for-profit corporation with a 501c(3) from the Internal Revenue Service.

Click to view our 501c(3) 


Guide, the most respected non-profit organization reporting website has given us their highest award, Platinum Star Exchange.  Click on the logo below to be directed to our pages on their site.


We are all volunteers.  Every penny you give goes either to food, vet care or our transport vans!

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