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Found Pets

I found a dog or cat, now what?

Picking up a lost pet, is a great act of love and compassion, but you will need to think ahead of what you will do with them.  Here are your options:

1.  Use common sense to find their owner.  Social media is a great help.  Publish a photo along with a description of unique markings or collars.  Always tell where the pet was found including the city and state.  Include the date found.  The shorter your appeal, the better it communicates.

2.  Take them to your veterinarian or shelter to be scanned for a microchip.

3.  Follow up on every piece of data.

4.  After due process does not produce its owner, you need to find it a home.

5.  If you can not find the pets owners, here are your options:


     A.  Take it into your family.

     B.  Use your network and social network.

     C.  Take it to a no kill shelter.  Most governmental shelters are medium to high kill.  And some of the national         non-     profit shelters are medium to high kill.

     D.  Find a rescue group.  All rescues are at their capacity almost all the time.  But, a rescue group near you is your best hope. Google dog or cat rescues in your zip code. Carefully read their website for clues to approaching them. Always offer to pay their intake costs.  4 Paws Farm works with an affordable, non profit, spay/neuter/wellness clinic to keep our costs at $150.  


Don't tell a rescue group that you have rescued a pet.  You have found a pet.  A pet is not rescued until it has a new home.

Don't use language that assumes the rescue must take in the pet.

Follow the rescues process for communication.

Before you contact 4 Paws Farm, you need to have completed parts 1 though 4 above.  To show us you have completed the process, include the following this information in the first sentences.  The name and phone number of the veterinarian that scanned for a microchip and paste the social media post.

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